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Insula Sacra - 1st full-length album (2010)

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1st full-length album. Release Date: Oct. 27, 2010 Label: King Records Product No.: KICS-1618 1. Bell's Air 2. That's Ireland 3. Deadly Oath 4. Odin's Call 5. Beautiful Mind 6. The Lone Horseman 7. The Druid Song 8. Sail Under the Midnight Sun 9. Winter of Death 10. Celtic Drum 11. Winds of Time Performed by Shuji Matsumoto (b) / Makoto Kano (g) / Koh Nishino (vo) / Hiroshi Sakakima (dr) / Taro Arai (g) / Haruna Fukazawa (flute) / Izumi Takeuchi (violin) Guest Musicians: Fumihiko Kitsutaka – Guitar solo on "Sail Under the Midnight Sun" Hiroshi Kono – Acoustic guitar on "The Druid Song" Noa – Female vocal on "The Druid Song" Luke Ray, Yuki, and Brian Cullen – Viking Choir Mixed and mastered by Andy LaRocque Produced by BELLFAST Cover art by Thomas Ewerhard

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